How long will my probes take to arrive?

If your order is received before midday (UK time), we will endeavour to ship your probes the same day for next day delivery to UK addresses.

Why do you only sell probes in packs of 10?

Two reasons. First, it reduces the chance that unused probes become contaminated once the pack is opened in your lab.  Second, it makes it easy for you to distribute small quantities of probes between your group members.

However, our HAR variants are available in trial packs containing 3 probes.

Will you be manufacturing any other types of probe?

Yes! Our engineers are always working on improving our current probes, and creating new types of probes for different applications. Please send us an email if there’s anything specific you’d like to see.

What are the various parts of the probe?

The probes are made up of a chip, cantilever and tip. Please see our blogpost for more information.

What coatings do you offer?

We currently only offer Aluminium reflective backside coating. Please let us know if there’s coatings you’d like to see offered.

Can I become your distributor?

NuNano is always interested in hearing from potential distributors. Please contact us for further information.

Any further questions?

Please contact us!