I was very impressed with the NuNano probes [I was] sent to try. The images I got with them were clearer than any I got before and I also felt that these probes were more robust than any I’ve used before.
— Éadaoin Timmins, NUI Galway (Jan 2019)
I found the Scout 350 tips to be very stable throughout imaging and it was much easier to set up “good” imaging parameters with these tips compared to tips from other suppliers. I will definitely recommend these to AFMers.
— Fouzia Bano, University of Leeds (Nov 2018)
In my opinion, the cantilever design is really good. It is small and easy to locate the tip position. I think it is useful when you have small crystals. For a big crystal, it should also make the scanning process easier.
— Fajar Pambudi, University of Manchester, UK (July 2018)
I was very pleased with my experience using NuNano’s Scout probes. They performed as I had hoped and anticipated, given their quoted parameters, making image acquisition straightforward in both tapping and quantitative nanomechanical mapping modes on hard oxides.
— Mark Buckwell, University College London, UK (Nov 2018)
I used NuNano’s Scout 350R probes to image isocytosine molecular tubes and was able to see small structures that were not resolved in tapping mode before
— Dr Arturas Ulcinas, Centre for Physical Sciences & Technology, Vilnius, Lithuania (Nov 2017)
NuNano’s silicon AFM probes have remarkably consistent resonant frequencies and driving amplitude. This gives me confidence that I’ll acquire high quality images every time I use them.
— Dr Vladimir Korolkov, University of Nottingham, UK (Jan 2018)
NuNano were extremely good at listening to my requirements, helping me understand the benefits of their probes and very speedy in delivering some great tapping mode cantilevers. I will be using them from now on.
— Dr Loren Picco, University of Bristol, UK (Jan 2017 - Google)
In general the Scout probes give more reliable high resolution than other suppliers, which often have a dud or two from every box, hence why I recommend them
— Dr James Thomas, University of Oxford, UK (Dec 2017)
It was a nice experience to purchase the AFM probes from Nu Nano Ltd, as the customer service is helpful and rapid.
— Eric Yui, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong (Feb 2016 - Google)
I ordered two kinds of tapping mode AFM probes (Scout 350 T and HAR). The delivery is very fast. The probes work quite well on the MultiMode AFM in my lab and help me collect some significant data which already published on the APL journal. Looking forward to more cooperation!
— Rui Zhang, University of Edinburgh, UK (Oct 2016 - Google)