Our NuVOC range of probes redefines the term soft cantilever in the world of force microscopy. Made from super-low-stress silicon nitride, these tip-less probes have spring constants in the range 0.003 – 6000 pN/nm.

Our NuVOC range consist of probes with a variety of cantilever lengths on the same chip, as well as probes with arrays of 10 identical cantilevers. These probes are fabricated from super-low-stress (non-stoichiometric) silicon nitride films on a standard silicon chip. At present we work with silicon nitride thicknesses of 50, 100 and 200 nm, but can tailor this to meet our customer’s requirements.

These probes are not suitable for use in conventional AFM systems. Instead they are operated in a vertical orientation in instruments (typically developmental systems) capable of detecting lateral or shear forces acting on the cantilever. In this orientation, much more sensitive cantilevers can be used, since the cantilevers do not experience jump-to-contact events associated with low-spring constant cantilevers operated on conventional AFM instruments.

If you’d like to know more about the unique benefits of these probes and the instruments they operate with please get in touch.