NuNano started life manufacturing unique cantilever sensors for research projects at the University of Bristol. Consequently, we have experience in taking a project from the drawing board, through production, to completion.

It’s always fascinating to hear of new instrumentation and applications arising from the worldwide nanoscience community. At NuNano we understand that these often require unique sensors to power them and would be only too happy to help you further your knowledge and understanding of the nanoscale world.

The process of getting from an idea to a functioning probe was really straightforward - we got quick, reliable answers for tolerances, specs, process limitations, timescales and cost.
— Dr Nic Mullin, University of Sheffield
We approached NuNano with a requirement for the design and manufacture of a bespoke collection of silicon beams. We were kept informed at every stage of the project, and were delighted with the beams when they finally arrived. Not only was the project great value-for-money, the beams have transformed our ability to perform micro- and nano-mechanical characterisation of complex materials. We are planning our next project currently. We cannot recommend NuNano highly enough!
— Dr James Bowen, Open University

If you have other microfabrication requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch. If we can't help you ourselves, we can certainly forward your details onto people who can.