Reliable imaging every time

Rigorous inspection of every probe means each one performs as you expect.

At NuNano we are passionate about supplying our customers with the best possible products.  We do our utmost to ensure every probe meets your expectations.


The probes you know…

Silicon AFM probes

Nominal 5 nm tip radius.  Minimal variation in spring constant and resonant frequency.  Metallic coatings available.


…and those you don't.

Ultra-soft probes

Unrivalled force sensitivity.  For use in a vertical orientation.  Super-low-stress silicon nitride.



Our proprietary manufacturing processes result in AFM probes with the best dimensional tolerances of any supplier.



Our combination of high quality products and exemplary customer service is brought to you with no increase in prices.



We strive to offer you the best possible service. From choosing which probes to buy, to storing your probes after use, we’re with you all the way.



Founded from a world-renowned SPM research group in Bristol, NuNano builds on over 20 years of experience in atomic force microscopy.

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