New distributors for Korea and SE Asia and Taiwan.

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We are pleased to announce two new distribution partners, PLNANO in SE Asia and Taiwan and CnHTech in Korea!

PLNANO is a leading scientific instruments and automation solutions provider in South East Asia. For more information about purchasing our AFM probes if you’re based in South East Asia talk to our representative Lawrence Tan.

CnHTech provide total solutions for the nano world and are based in Seoul, South Korea. Our representative in CnHTech is ChulSu Kim.

 We are looking forward to hearing about our range of AFM probes being used in new projects and research in Asia through our partnerships with these new distributors.

Our MD James commented ‘I’m excited that our AFM probes will now be used in an even larger range of projects across the globe!’

Lawrence Tan   + 65 9839 9938

Lawrence Tan

+ 65 9839 9938

ChulSu Kim   +82 (0)2 6352 9920

ChulSu Kim

+82 (0)2 6352 9920


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Adding a Spark to our Scout probes!

Electrical modes of AFM are growing in popularity and scope, so we’re really excited to be expanding our product range by releasing our Spark conductive AFM probes

These new probes mean that our consistent tip sharpness and minimal variation of mechanical properties can now be applied to electrical AFM measurements.

The Spark 70 Pt is our conductive AFM probe for electrical characterisation in both contact mode and AC modes (non-contact/soft-tapping). With a nominal 2 N/m spring constant and 70 kHz resonant frequency, the Spark 70 Pt has the same mechanical specifications as the Scout 70 probe. Applications include; Electrical AFM measurements in contact mode; including conductive AFM (CAFM) and piezoresponse microscopy (PFM), and in AC mode; electrostatic force microscopy (EFM), scanning kelvin probe microscopy (SKPM) and scanning impedance microscopy (SIM).

The Spark 350 Pt is our conductive AFM probe for electrical characterisation in AC modes (non-contact/tapping). With a nominal 42 N/m spring constant and 350 kHz resonant frequency, it has the same mechanical specifications as the Scout 350 probe. Applications include; Electrical AFM measurements using AC modes; including electrostatic force microscopy (EFM), scanning kelvin probe microscopy (SKPM) and scanning impedance microscopy (SIM).

Spark image.jpg

About Spark Probe Models

The two models of conductive AFM probes have 40 nm platinum coating with a 5nm titanium  adhesion layer on both sides of the probe and a tip radius of less than 30 nm exhibiting exemplary dimensional tolerances and tip sharpness, characteristic of all our AFM probes.  Click on the links below for more detailed specifications and pricing.

Spark 70 Pt - conductive AFM probe for electrical characterisation in both contact mode and AC modes (non-contact/soft-tapping) with Pt conductive coating on both sides.

Spring constant: 2 N/m. Resonant frequency: 70 kHz

Spark 350 Pt - conductive AFM probe for electrical characterisation in AC modes (non-contact/tapping) with Pt conductive coating on both sides.

Spring constant: 42 N/m. Resonant frequency: 350 kHz

The Spark model is compatible with most commercially available AFMs capable of electrical characterisation.

For more information, to request a datasheet, free sample or a meeting with one of our team to discuss your needs further please call - +44 117 299 3093 or email

About NuNano

NuNano is a UK-based company specialising in the design and manufacture of consistently high-performance probes for atomic force microscopy and cantilever-based sensor devices.

Sales Coordinator Position

NuNano is a UK-based start-up specialising in the design and manufacture of probes for atomic force microscopy (AFM).  We are passionate about providing AFM users great products and the best possible customer service, from the first time they visit our website to storing their probes after a successful day in the lab.


Following a successful market entry, NuNano is now looking for an enthusiastic, highly-motivated and well-organised individual with previous sales or business administration experience to join our commercial team in Bristol and play a key role in our future growth.


Key Roles


You will play an important role in the commercial activity of NuNano, working in a small team to support our sales activities and help sell products to academic and industrial customers worldwide.  Ensuring sales leads and ongoing sales pipeline activities are captured, validated and recorded accurately is vital to the role.  Other responsibilities include:


  • Ensuring quotations and orders are prepared and recorded accurately and promptly.

  • Communication with partners to assist with quotations and order processing.

  • Arrange sales visits and attendance/sponsorship at scientific conference and tradeshows.

  • Support other members of the sales team.


Preferred Experience


We are looking for someone who understands that strong sales performance is underpinned by the meticulous organisation of the sales pipeline and related activities.   Preferred experience includes:


  • Experience in a commercial/sales area involving contact with customers.

  • Knowledge & experience of lead generation and sales pipeline management.

  • Ability to record and present data and information accurately.


To apply, please send a cover letter and CV to

WE'RE HIRING! - fit.jpg

Come and chat to our MD James at the Annual Linz WinterWorkshop

Our MD James is excited to be heading to Linz, Austria at the beginning of February to attend the XXI. Annual Linz WinterWorkshop.

Starting with a ski trip on Friday 1st February, the workshop runs for 4 days and focuses on single-molecule research for biology and nanoscience with speakers from universities all over the world. Our co-founder Mervyn Miles, a professor at the University of Bristol, School of Physics, will be giving a talk at the workshop at 10:30am on Monday 4th February.  The talk is called “AFM distinguishes infectious and non-infectious prion ultrastructures” - don’t miss it!

The workshop will be a fantastic event for exploring force and optical microscopy/spectroscopy techniques, and a great opportunity to talk with members of the scanning probe microscopy community from different countries. Make sure to come and find James with any questions about AFM, or NuNano and our products.  We’re always interested to hear about new research in scanning force microscopy!

Linz Ski - 4.png

Welcome to our new team members Lee and Poppy

Our team continues to grow as Lee and Poppy have joined us at UnitDX in Bristol. Lee as our new Sales & Business Development Manager, and Poppy as a marketing intern. Lee has a long background in pathology and has been in medical IT for the last 3 years. Poppy is an undergraduate at Bristol University studying French and Russian and is joining us during her supplementary year. We look forward to working with them both.


James (our MD) joins the RMS SPM Section committee

The Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) has several scientific section commitees, covering the main areas of microscopy. They advise RMS on matters such as the training and resources they provide and ensure that the society is up to date with the latest developments in microscopy.

Our managing director, James has recently joined the Scanning Probe Microscopy Section committee alongside four other company representatives in the field. He looks forward to making a contribution to the committee moving forward.


NuNano collaborate with University of Bristol marketing students

We think it’s important to get some outsider perspective once in a while. Having some fresh eyes to look at a challenge we are facing is always welcome.

Thus, we are delighted to be working with three groups of MSc marketing students at the University of Bristol who will be producing a communications plan for us on how we might effectively market our probes to AFM users in Japan and China.

We are really looking forward to reading their final piece of work in December and we hope they will take away some practical skills to use in their future careers.

Marketing students on pitch day_white border.png

Some more new faces at NuNano

It’s always exciting to have some new faces about the office. A big welcome to Sarah, David, and David who have joined us as sales interns in our Bristol home, UnitDX. Sarah and David are second year Chemistry students at the University of Bristol and Samar has recently graduated with a BSc in Physics and Philosophy.

We are really looking forward to getting to know them, showing them the ropes, and learning a little from them aswell.

Samar, Sarah, and David_white border.png

Hannah and Helen join the team

We said goodbye to our sales interns, Julian and Katie at the end of last month. They did an amazing job this summer, generating many new leads for us and reaching out to potential customers outside the UK.

Now, we are pleased to welcome Hannah, our new process engineer and Helen, our new part-time administrator. Hannah is currently finishing her PhD at the University of Edinburgh and Helen was previously manager of the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials at the University of Bristol.


Speak to our MD James at SPMonSPM2018

Our managing director, James, will be driving all the way from Bristol to attend the SPMonSPM2018 conference, running from the 20-24th of August in Leuven, Belgium. Find him for a chat if you are interested in finding out more about NuNano and the products we offer. 

We are also excited to be sponsoring the lanyards at the conference and you'll also find some NuNano items in your conference pack. 

lanyard 2.png

Our team is growing...

Our office space at Unit DX is really filling up. We are really pleased to welcome our two new sales interns, Julian Green and Katie Rich who will join us for the summer months to help us connect with AFM users outside Europe. Julian has just completed his degree in politics and philosophy at the University of Bristol and Katie is an MPhys student at Durham University.

Julian and Katie.png

Visit our stand at UK SPM 2018

We are really looking forward to exhibiting at UK SPM in only two days’ time (June 25th - 26th).

We feel that this conference is a perfect starting point for us as a company to exhibit ourselves and a great opportunity to chat with members of the scanning probe microscopy community from the UK and beyond.

Do drop by our stand when you visit the exhibition hall, which will contain a large amount of bright green so you probably won’t miss us. We’d really love to hear about your research and the areas of scanning probe microscopy that interest you.

RMS SPM flyer.png

Chinese distribution agreement with Shanghai NTI Co., Ltd.

First Japan, now China! We are delighted to announce that we have closed a distribution agreement with Shanghai NTI Co., Ltd., a supplier of micro- and nanoscience instrumentation and accessories to researchers based in China.

At NuNano, we aim to stay up to date with the latest research developments related to atomic force microscopy and know that China continuously outputs such interesting research.

James, our MD, comments "Through our agreement with Shanghai NTI Co., Ltd., we are excited to see how our AFM probes will contribute to this research output."

Chinese city.png


Japanese distribution agreement with Filgen Inc.

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a distribution agreement with the Japanese company, Filgen Inc., a supplier of scientific equipment to the bioscience and nanoscience research communities in Japan. 

Japan has always been on our radar as an important country in which to market and sell our AFM probes, given its reputation as a leading nation in nanotechnology research.

James Vicary, MD of NuNano, comments "We are looking forward to seeing our probes being utilised in some of the innovative nanoscience and materials research emerging from Japan."

Filgen inc3.png

NuNano go for gold

We are pleased to announce the addition of a gold reflective backside coating to our existing probe range. This will extend the capability of our probes to atomic force microscopy imaging in liquid media such as biological buffers.

We are excited to see in which new areas of research our customers will utilize our gold-coated probes and the type of samples they will now be able to image.

Check out our store for pricing or to place an order. If you require more information about our new offering, please do not hesitate to get in touch by sending an email to

We won't be stopping here. Future product development will include coating the tips of our AFM probes with gold. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when we have these in stock.

Spin coating_01.JPG

£500 sponsorship for ISPM 2018

The annual International Scanning Probe Microscopy conference (ISPM) is taking place on the 8-11th May in Tempe, Arizona. Unfortunately, we won't be present at the conference this year but we are delighted to offer a UK-based PhD student or postdoc who will be presenting a talk, a £500 sponsorship towards their travel and accommodation.

Speakers are due to be announced on Friday 30th March 2018. If/when you or one of your PhD students or postdocs has been accepted to present a talk, applications can be made via the form here.

ISPM sponsorship image.jpg

Helpful AFM-related resources

It is important to us that as well as a provider of AFM probes, we are a source of helpful resources for the AFM community. We are pleased to announce the launch of our AFM-related articles in the Resources area of our website. Whether you are someone starting out in AFM or a more experienced user, there will be something there to interest you. Keep an eye on our Resources page as we begin to build up this section of our website.

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