NuNano joins new Bristol hub for science start-ups

We’re delighted to announce that this month NuNano has moved into Bristol’s newly launched centre for scientific enterprise, Unit DX.


Much like SETsquared, the ‘home’ we’ve just come from, Unit DX is a business incubator. But whereas SETsquared caters for high-tech start-ups in general, Unit DX’s mission is to encourage more scientists to join the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bristol.

In addition to the office space, meeting rooms and event spaces you’d expect to find in any business incubator, the majority of Unit DX premises are given over to high-spec lab space and facilities.

It couldn’t be closer to my own belief in the importance of academic entrepreneurs and the value we can bring by drawing research and business closer together.

What is also inspiring is being part of a facility that is frankly unique outside of the London, Cambridge, Oxford triangle.

I chose to set up NuNano in Bristol and have felt as frustrated as Unit DX founder, Dr Harry Destecroix, at the brain drain of scientific talent from the city.

Many of my colleagues who have moved away have done so because the opportunities simply weren’t here, despite them often wanting to stay in the area and do something innovative and challenging with their research and ideas.

Harry is having numerous conversations with companies and individuals about taking up residence in Unit DX and I have to say if you’re even half thinking about setting up a science-based business get in touch with him as soon as.

Whilst it’s a bit echoey in here at the moment with ourselves and Ziylo as the first two residents it isn’t going to be this way for long. There’s a real sense of anticipation of what Unit DX will become over the next few months (and the bonus is we got to pick the best desks!).


It’s going to be fascinating to see the businesses as they start to come through. NuNano is already established and we’ve learned such a lot along our journey to the growth stage we find ourselves at now. I’m hopeful that we may be able to offer helpful suggestions and pointers to some of the newer companies just in the natural course of being in the same building.

Engaging with fellow academic entrepreneurs, sharing our enthusiasm and our experiences of the worlds of academia and business can only serve to expand our knowledge and understanding of both.

Now, where's the coffee machine in this place...?

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