New Year, New Product

The New Year is traditionally a time to make resolutions, set goals for the year ahead and embark on new challenges. It's no different here at NuNano HQ, and we're kicking off things with a new product!

The new probe means that our consistent tip sharpness and minimal variation of mechanical properties can now be applied to high resolution imaging of soft samples.

The Scout 70 is a general purpose silicon AFM probe for imaging in AC modes (non-contact/soft tapping) and force modulation, with a nominal 2 N/m spring constant and 70 kHz resonant frequency, making it ideal for imaging delicate samples or objects that are loosely adhered to their substrate surface.

With two other variants, the Scout 70 is also available as Scout 70 HAR with a high aspect ratio tip for deep trench imaging. The Scout 70 T, with its lower resolution tip, is perfect for step height measurements and getting new AFM users started. All probes are available either uncoated or with reflective aluminium coating on the backside of the cantilever.

Our new probe allows users to access a lower force regime whilst maintaining the same high standards of reliability you've come to expect from our other products.

Applying our proprietary manufacturing process to our Scout 70 probes has meant we've been able to achieve the same tight dimensional control of the cantilever, which in turn ensures there's less variation in the mechanical properties of our probes.

SEM image of our new Scout 70 probe

SEM image of our new Scout 70 probe


About Scout 70 AFM probe Model

The Scout 70 model of AFM probes have been specifically developed to provide the same exemplary dimensional tolerances and tip sharpness characteristic of all our AFM probes. Click on the links below for more detailed specifications and pricing:

  • Scout 70 - general purpose AC mode silicon AFM probes, suitable for non-contact/soft tapping and force modulation modes in air, on softer samples. Spring constant: 2 N/m. Resonant frequency: 70 kHz.
  • Scout 70 HAR - as above, but featuring a high aspect ratio tip with a cone angle over the last 1 μm of less than 15 degrees.
  • Scout 70 T - a lower resolution version with a tip radius of between 10 - 40 nm, perfect for training new AFM users and for applications where price is more important than tip sharpness.

As with all NuNano products, the Scout 70 model is compatible with most commercially available AFMs. For harder samples, including stable softer samples, our Scout 350 model is also available.

I look forward to announcing further product developments later in 2018, and as always I'm keen to hear about the AFM imaging challenges that you face as that gives me a real drive to help support the AFM community.

For more information, to request a datasheet, free sample, or if you'd like to meet with me to discuss your needs further please call +44 117 299 3093 or email