What AFM probe type do you need most?

As many of you know, I'm really keen that as a company we're working in tandem with the needs of the AFM community. 2018 is all about expanding our product range and we need you!

We'd really appreciate if you could fill out this really quick, 1-question only survey, letting us know what type of AFM probe you'd most like to see us develop next.

We're already able to offer the Scout 350 model of general-purpose AC-mode silicon AFM probes, suitable for non-contact/tapping modes in air, on hard samples and stable softer samples. Additionally, we also have our NuVOC range of ultra-soft probes for use in vertical orientation instruments.

You'll have also seen our new Scout 70 model of AFM probes, a general purpose AC-mode silicon AFM probe, which can now be applied to high resolution imaging of soft samples. In case you missed the product release last month, you can still read about the different versions of the Scout 70 here.

Our production team are packed with ideas on the different types of probes we could develop. You input in our survey will help shape our focus for the next few months. I really appreciate your help with this.